"...Creative, learning experiences will be provided, which utilise technology in conjunction with and complementing pedagogy and content..."

Learning Activities:


Google Art Project and Bridgeman art provide varied collections of artwork, high quality images and useful, though overwhelming information. Students can even create their own custom collections. The google docs templates then provide a framework upon which the students can build their investigations into artists and artworks. Either individually or collaboratively. Linking these google docs on their class page, students can peer review each others work.


Does He Score? : Basketball time lapse shot which stops during trajecory, Geogebra as a means to translate to model trajectory. Students very engaged! Original Dan Meyer Link

Design Technology

Recycling Project - Students had to research the importance of recycling. Students then had to plan, design and make their own puppets using recycled materials that they could find. Using these puppets students then have to video and edit a short clip that explains the importance of recycling. This project has taken about 4-5weeks depending on the group. Here is an example:
Researching on the Internet. Here is an example of an activity I use to use on special enrichment days that involved students using the internet to answer questions. The questions involved problem solving and not necessarily subject specific. They then used the information that they research to find the ducks located within googlemaps.If you need the answers or better still the clues let me know! ;-)

Using 'Tarzia puzzles', students were challenged to match up key terms and definitions from a topic to create a complex shape.  As there is only one way that the shape fit it encourages students to continue until they have found the correct solution.  Additionally, as you can create shapes of differing complexity it allows you to differentiate by giving more complex solutions to stretch the higher ability pupils.  To get the Tarzia programme you can email PCsupport and the IT guys can install it onto your desktop for you.
To see evaluation of this click here.

 Psychology/ English
Using google docs, students can build structured arguments for a class debate as well as adding ideas during the debate to ensure that students have a copy of the ideas with minimal disruption to the debate itself.  Students work in teams  of 3 to initially gather ideas for/against a debate topic, they are then allocated into a for/against team.  One person from each 3 then becomes the 'speaker' whilst the remaining 2 people are responsible for adding ideas to the google document; one person adds all the ideas related to the 'for' argumenet, one person adds all ideas relating to 'against'. 
If students complete their work in a different colour you can easily see who is writing what and can identify students to work with individually to correct misconceptions or to stretch them further.  This worked really well for a debate and encourages everyone to get involved.
This can also be used more simply to create their own hand out, research for a new topic or revision of a previous topic. 

Macbeth; The supernatural and fate