digitally literate students possessing the skills necessary to source, assimilate and synthesise information present within the digital domain."


Useful Documents:

Learning Technologies SCIT

Through the use of Google Docs Year 11, Drama students explored the play A Fine Balance.


Learning Tech Innovation: Drama - Exploring exam text - Google Docs

Google Docs: Group research: factfiles on poets

Enquiry LT Teaching Innovations CH


Teaching and Learning Examples:



Using Google Art Project and Bridgeman Art to focus students when researching artists and artworks. Also providing a list of categorised websites to broaden their investigation.

Design Technology

Researching on the Internet. Here is an example of an activity I use to use on special enrichment days that involved students using the internet to answer questions. The questions involved problem solving and not necessarily subject specific. They then used the information that they research to find the ducks located within googlemaps.If you need the answers or better still the clues let me know! ;-) James

Google Ninja

The Google Ninja project is a way for students and teachers to learn more about the Google suite of applications available on the bisvietnam domain.
The aim is to practice good quality research skills in order to find answers to questions and develop learning skills.