Links to slideshows celebrating the diversity and creativity of our students artwork.

Design Technology

Recycling Project - Students had to research the importance of recycling. Students then had to plan, design and make their own puppets using recycled materials that they could find. Using these puppets students then have to video and edit a short clip that explains the importance of recycling. This project has taken about 4-5weeks depending on the group. Here is an example:
Using rich media, students were challenged to create a video project to consolidate their understanding of Macbeth.  In groups of 3, each student had a role within the production of the film which were allocated to work to their strengths, including Director, 'Techy' and Scribe.  As a group they then had to design, film and make a film which met the following differentiated objectives:
Summarise the plot line and key points from each Act (label the acts)
All key characters need to be included Ues at least 3-5 key quotes
Include main Themes (e.g. equivocation, greed…) Higher:  Use an appropriate style of dialogue for your different characters (e.g. Iambic Pentameter, free verse, rhyme)

Macbeth English Natashas group.wmv